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2009 (lions) China Leisure Shoes Brand Development Summit Forum Shishi May 22nd, Shishi clothing city exhibition hall on the third story, Secretary General of Boao forum for Asia, Chinese accession negotiations chief expert Long Yongtu was invited to participate in "focusing on brand, for the future" 2009 (Shishi) China casual shoes brand development summit forum, at the same time, to participate in the forum and China Light Industry Association vice president, China Leather Association honorary president Xu Yong, CCTV brand consultant, the first brand China professor Li Guangdou, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee, the water source of Quanzhou city party secretary Huang Shishi, Quanzhou municipal government deputy mayor Chen Rongzhou, Quanzhou Municipal Office practice instruction inspection team leader Jiang Yimin, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, acting mayor Huang Nankang Shishi, Shishi people's Congress Standing Committee Director Huang water, Shishi CPPCC Chairman Ding Jiaquan, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee of Shishi Zhang Yishan, Fujian King Wang shoes Products Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Wenbin Retro jordans for sale , and from all over the country, the United States Maiwang brand gold bull giant brand, American Camel brand agents and dealers etc.. At the meeting, around the theme of the meeting, Long Yongtu, Li Guangdou, Huang Nankang and so on, delivered a wonderful speech. leisure concept in the hearts of the people, brand promotion was now, with the improvement of living standards, lifestyle changes and leisure concept fueling, casual shoes in the consumer market is becoming more and more important day by day. Casual shoes, also with its fashionable, convenient features, for the footwear market to bring new vitality, fashion lifestyle for consumers added a new choice. Not only the young ladies of the less enthusiastic, even dull men's shoes can withstand the temptation of leisure, the door open for casual shoes casual shoes footwear market is now on the interpretation of the new fashion style. In this market environment, the leisure shoes brand development summit held no doubt that it is of great significance to promote the development of the leisure shoes industry to a higher level. Huang Nankang said in a welcoming speech, Shishi in th cheap jordans for sale mens e strength of the parties to support, after years of efforts, has become the national clothing city leisure and leisure shoes production base, casual shoes industry is relatively mature, the Forum on the economic situation held, to guide enterprises to cope with the financial crisis and overcome the difficulties, has far-reaching significance, at the same time, experts and scholars from all through the forum recommendations will also have guiding significance to the development of enterprises. Professor Li Guangdou, the first Chinese brand counter cyclical development; accelerated brand promotion; at this meeting, brand consultant Li GuangIn order to cater to the preferences of female friends of shoes, especially Nike with floral patterns as a design to create a unique Nike Kobe 9 EM. Using black liner, a shoe body and a heel, with large white, vamp by purple and gold floral ornament. item: 677619-001 1402203796436.jpg (66.21 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-6-8 14:54 upload 1.jpg (132.54 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-6-8 14:20 upload 2.jpg (28.14 KB, download number: 12) download 2014-6-8 14:20 Nike Kobe cheap foamposites 9 EM upload, GS, flower version 00 this year, Wujiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau to increase efforts to increase the area of footwear export enterprises, the negative factors make the export of footwear enterprises continued appreciation in RMB, the rising prices of raw materials under the export still maintain rapid growth. According to statistics, in the 1-11 months of this year, the Wujiang Bureau received 9644 batches of export footwear products inspection, the value of which amounted to 227 million U. s.dollars. Year on year growth of 13.3% and 21.7% respectively. inspection and quarantine play advantage, to help enterprises to improve product quality. "Quality is the lifeline of the first" products, Wujiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau to give full play to science and technology, information, personnel and laboratory and other resources, and actively strengthen the enterprise in product design, quality, standards and other aspects of cooperation, and selected internal senior inspector in the enterprise, choose to use and control the production process to the final comprehensive inspection of raw materials of the products from t Cheap air jordans for sale he factory warehouse by purchasing, link quality management tracking guidance, helping enterprises to improve product quality control manual, the quality of the enterprise into standardized and scientific track control, enhance the quality of products. establish coordination mechanism of inspection and management, and enhance enterprise innovation consciousness. Wujiang Bureau and shoes and boots manufacturing enterprises have set up a liaison and coordination mechanism for inspection and inspection enterprises. Efforts should be made to solve problems encountered by enterprises in improving product quality and speeding up customs clearance, and to guide and encourage enterprises to innovate continuously. Take the initiative to provide inspection and quarantine related policy information and other services for enterprises, organizations involved in the enterprise quality management, detection technology, intellectual property rights, technical barriers to trade, anti-dumping and other exchanges and activities to help enterprises enhance the awareness of innovation, improve innovation ability. coping with international trade frictions; hel Retro jordans for sale ping to expand the international market. For safety and environmental protection trade barriers set by Europe on China's footwear products, the latest changes closely follow and study of foreign technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures and related product quality information of the Wujiang Bureau, giving priority to the Enterprise Bulletin WTO/TBT (the World Trade Organization / TBT Agreement) of the relevant information, guide enterprises to do to deal with foreign technical barriers to trade plan. With the further impact of the global financial crisis, the Wujiang Bureau has actively guided enterprises to develop diversified markets, avoid trade risks and promote further development. innovative inspection and supervision model to achieve rapid clearance of goods. Wujiang Bureau further innovative regulatory model, and vigorously promote enterprise classification management, and speed up "on-site inspection + site supervision + special inspection" and other regulatory changes in the new model. In the shoe export enterprises to realize electronic inspection, electronic monitoring, electronic release and paperless bus cheap jordan shoes for men iness, improve customs clearance of export goods, for the export of their products at the same time to study and advance speed efficiency; inspection and quarantine through the release of the new mode, expand the publicity, so that more enterprises understand the area through the release mode of running processes and incentives the policy, so that more enterprises pass) , , AOKANG and other appeals to the European Union anti-dumping shoes enterprises hired by the lawyers this afternoon sent news: the European Court of first instance has completed the first round of anti-dumping proceedings filed by AOKANG and other Chinese appeal shoe enterprises. AOKANG group, Wenzhou, Guangdong and new shoe temane gold dollar and other Chinese appeal shoe enterprises have all received the European Court of first instance forwarded by the EU Council of ministers and other stakeholders in the first round of a written reply. in October 7, 2006, the European Union imposed a 16.5% anti-dumping duty on leather shoes originating in China for a period of 2 years. In October 23rd, AOKANG decided to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the European Court of first instance cheap jordans for sale . In December 29th, AOKANG group, Wenzhou, Guangdong and Guangdong shoe temane gold new Hong Kong dollar and shoe the lawsuit filed in the court of first instance of the eu. After the court of first instance accepted the lawsuit of Chinese shoe-making enterprises, the two rounds of defense will be held by the European Court of first instance, and the total time will be about 2 years. in the first round of defense, the EU Council on AOKANG and other Chinese shoe enterprises filed a lawsuit, one by one to reply to the defense. But in the first round of the respondent in the process, the Commission is not as stakeholders involved in the judicial process, retaining only the oral defense right." "China shoe enterprises in dealing with trade barriers to cooperation organization legal adviser, lawyer Pu Lingchen introduced in April this year, the Commission has served as related to the interests of the EU Court of first instance proposed intervention request, expressed support for the EU council. Subsequently, in July, the European Footwear Association and Italy 17 shoe-making enterprises also made requests and intervened in the judicial process. Pu Lingc Cheap air jordan 12 ovo hen introduced, according to the EU anti-dumping judicial proceedings, the first round of defense after the end of the program, then started the second round of defense procedures, the time will be a year. In the course of the second round of reply, the Chinese side will mainly defend the points raised by the respondent in the first round of defense, such as the technical problems of dumping calculation and how to apply the sampling investigation procedure. it is understood that the EU anti-dumping measures implemented a year ago, China's leather shoes industry's exports have been greatly affected. according to the data provided by the chamber of Commerce of China Light Industrial craft import and export products, the number of European Union leather shoes anti-dumping products dropped by 7.76% in the first half of this year compared with the same period. Among them, the anti-dumping duties levied by countries - China and Vietnam imports declined significantly, such as imports from China, the amount of 86 million pairs, the import amount of $943 million, respectively, compared with the same period last year dropped by 26.37% and 21.36%. however, Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping there are indications that the number of Chinese leather shoes exported is being replaced by leather shoes from other countries. There are Chinese shoe enterprises said that anti-dumping measures caused many European customers turned to Pakistan, Indonesia, India and China, Macao and other countries and regions. There are also media reports, the industry in Austria through the analysis of the EU implementation of this measure after a year of market reaction, found that cheap footwear imports did not decrease. industry stakeholders said that by) from Italy well-known fashion brand Gucci, in order to celebrate the opening of the Shinjuku flagship store in Tokyo, launched a series of sports shoes of this paragraph, and by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini personally designed, adding a variety of different material combination, and recently the leopard, diamond, red plaid design the red and green, as well as the brand classic color, believe it will set off a wave of love, friends, please don't miss the Gucci Tokyo limited movement shoes. , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e# , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subt cheap jordans online itle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, classic recombination Nike Zoom Rookie LWPadidas Originals Montreal wheat yellow / White / Black comments on last article: Classic reorganization Nike Zoom Rookie LWP next article: adidas, Originals, Montreal, wheat yellow / White / Black Vans Vault series of the latest released autumn.Html" target=" _blank" 〉 the fall of 2010 new shoes "Carrot" package, including Sk8 Hi LX and Era LX style, with a new rabbit eating radish cartoon design, is expected to go on sale in the specified Vans Vault retail store in the end of the month. Wade, Summer Groove Weekend mourning Miami conference battle shoe show designer license plate design Adidas NEW comments on A: Wade, Summer Groove Weekend mourning Miami conference battle shoes to show a designer to design the new license plate Adidas big brand NIKE, has been very fond of combining their different shoes, and then new combinations, launched new shoes. Recently, NIKE combined its legendary hand Eric Koston's signature shoes with Huarache, and there was a new winter shoes for the Nike SB Eric Koston Huarache "Blue Force" 2014. This theme features a dark blue through, and suede and nylon shoe. The NIKE signature Huarache stabilizer is added to the rear. The price is $110 dollars, friends, you will start with it? -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! another way? Supreme's Secret History of small things even street beat the great God, Tommy, Tom are used in the repair software, in the end strong where? The 10 application of to flight cancellations is small Tips loading force essential /5 minutes let you know in recent years the history of the development of # buggies can take dnunbing # The story of Eminem and /what's, Nike, up, YO, Eminem and Nike, - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - dreams on cashew nuts! warm and thick, indispensable! Concepts x Birkenstock 2014 holiday season Boston joint cold mop, please note! Vans releases Syndicate x Defcon joint venture comments on last article: "Concepts x Birkenstock 2014 holiday season" Boston cool joint drag next: "please note!"! Vans releases Syndicate x Defcon joint venture The name of the Slam Jam Italy shoes this season and ASICS Tiger to bring a pair.The shoe shop size? Will usher in Originals new Torsion Integral S Adidas on the Techware series this week. As the latest design of British retail Select Collection projects, the two pairs of Torsion Integral S were based on the continuation of retro running shoes on the contour with suede, Nubuck and nylon plates into the shoe body with 3M reflective decorative details in color, with different combinations of orange, black and grey throughout, with comfortable the white and black bottom corrosion rubber outsole has. The Techware series will be on September 12th at size? On sale, priced at 75 pounds. adidas-originals-torsion-integral-s-techware-pack-1.jpg (73.38 KB, download number: 2) download adidas Originals Torsion Integral S Techware new color 2014-9-11 11:49 upload adidas-originals-torsion-integral-s-techware-pack-2.jpg (53.8 KB, download number: 2) download adidas Originals Torsion Integral S Techware new color 2014-9-11 11:49 Adidas Originals Torsion Integral upload , S, Techware 00 Soldini, chairman of the Italy Footwear Association held in the day before the Milan International Footwear Exhibition on 2006 Italy shoe industry development review. He said that 2006 is a transitional year, the negative impact of the past few years is gradually waning, although many figures are still not satisfactory, but there have been some positive signals in the industry. Specifically, in the first 11 months of 2006, Italy exported 228 million pairs of shoes products, even though the volume decreased by 1.4% compared with the same period in 2005, but the amount increased by 6.4%. From the production point of view, according to the survey of members of the association, in 2006, shoe production fell by 1.5%, but the output value increased by 3.6%. Soldini believes that these figures show that the Italy footwear industry has gone through the depression period, but also shows that the current industry is still a long distance from the overall rejuvenation. He also worries about the employment situation in the shoe industry. In 2006, 565 enterprises in the leather industry closed down and 6250 people lost their jobs. Only 174 enterprises in the footwear industry closed down and 2862 people lost their jobs.

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